Interesting Friends You’ve Got There Roommate

Today was another interesting day!  This time it was an interesting work day with a good evening thrown in.  It’s almost 10:30 but worth it because I had so much fun with Roommate of all people!  I finally got more training at work today!  Two jobs at once actually… which literally gave me a headache.  I learned receiving and cycle counting.  To start my day some dumb guy yelled at me about a cart.  That completely sucked because I don’t deal well with being yelled at and it took me completely by surprise too.  But on my morning break I talked with some fellow gamers!  We compared Halo tips and they were impressed with my “Bro bashing techniques.”  It was awesome!  The number of shelves for stocking were the lowest ever!  I got to go to Roommate’s best friend’s house for dinner after work.  (They are the ones that watch Roommate’s little dog sometimes.)  They have a wonderful interesting house!  That’s the nicest thing I can say about them… they also have a HORRIBLE not at all trained dog.  It stole my napkin off my lap during dinner three times and even stole my flip flop right off my foot!  The only way they can get the dog to do anything is to run to the counter and get him a dog treat and then trade it for whatever he stole.  The dog gets so many treats I don’t know how he can run instead of roll except that he just runs Roommate and her friend around and around in circles as they chase after him trying to retrieve all the things he steals… Bright-Side: I ate so many raspberries my tongue hurt!  After dinner Roommate and I hung out and chatted back at her house.  I learned a lot about her and her best friend.  I think she learned a lot about me too!  It was awesome because we really have not had many chances to talk together even though I’ve lived here almost a month.  It’s the first time we’ve had this much time together anyway.  Boyfriend called and we talked more tonight, right before I wrote this in fact, and he’s just amazing!  We’re so happy and in love.  The distance sucks but we’ve gotten much better at the whole long distance thing.  I miss him and can’t wait for him to move up here but we are good for now and that helps a lot with the waiting.  Now- sleepy time!  It’s still tired in here!