Wedding Planning Nightmare Questions

Uuuuggghhhhh Wedding planning!  This beautiful dream has already turning into a nightmare!

The date isn’t right, the venues are too expensive, cookie cutter, bland, or outside. 

The colors don’t make sense.

You have no theme.

Who is in your wedding party?

What city is the wedding in?

Who is the officient? How religious is the ceremony? 

What type of food will be at the reception? 

Who is doing all the hair and makeup? 

Who will do the photography, the cake, the flowers, the decorations? 

How will the napkins be folded? 

What designer dress will you wear? 

What will the bridal party where? 

The groomsmen are wearing what? 

How will you get to the ceremony and/or reception? 

Where will the guests stay? 

How many guests will be attending? 

What kind of food and how will it be served? 

Open, closed, or no bar? 

What about shoes and jewelry? 

And the mothers; what color(s) will they wear? 

What time of day is everything? 

What is the budget? 

Who pays for what? 

What do you want? 

Are you having fun yet? 

Aren’t you just thrilled to be planning a wedding? 

Can we elope yet?  Please?


Upon This Blurring Edge of Maddness

Upon this blurring edge of maddness

is where I am and where I’ve been,

where I’m going and what I’ve seen.

Upon this blurring edge of maddness

I’m running out of questions to figure out how I feel

and everything is mixed up, and nothing seems quite real.

The world keeps spinning and I can’t keep standing.

I’m changing.

I’m trying to balance

where I’ve been and what I’ve seen

with where I’m going and my dreams

and through it all I have to cope with

my actual reality.  Do I live the dream?