The smell of rain settled into her hair like a promise.

There was a monsoon today.  When I got home after working I looked to my right and as my hair went over my shoulder I smelled rain.  It hadn’t rained yet and no longer smelled like rain but I felt like the smell of rain should mean It was really going to rain.  It was a cool thought I wanted to write down to use in a poem.  Here is how I got there:

The <promising> smell of rain curled and folded into her hair; she smelled of spring and a promise.

The smell of ra…


I Am Poem

I am long dark hair and sarcasm

I wonder what it’s like to be wanted for the way I walk

I hear sunlight sneaking through dust particles in the late afternoon

I see snow caressing the gentle pine, to protect it from the cold

I want to be struck by lightning, so I can write about the experience

I am long dark hair and sarcasm


I pretend to feel confident

I feel like a beat up 1985 Chevy truck driven by a drunk driver

I touch the sound of a tree falling in the forest

I worry that life is a dream and death the reality

I cry when no one is watching and no one seems to care

I am long dark hair and sarcasm


I understand what it feels like to cling to the edge of losing everything

I say attitude is how other people interpret what you do

I dream that the sky is blue flowers floating in a sea of tears

I try to count the leaves of aspen trees three miles away

I hope that people don’t perceive me as cruel

I am long dark hair and sarcasm.