Upon This Blurring Edge of Maddness

Upon this blurring edge of maddness

is where I am and where I’ve been,

where I’m going and what I’ve seen.

Upon this blurring edge of maddness

I’m running out of questions to figure out how I feel

and everything is mixed up, and nothing seems quite real.

The world keeps spinning and I can’t keep standing.

I’m changing.

I’m trying to balance

where I’ve been and what I’ve seen

with where I’m going and my dreams

and through it all I have to cope with

my actual reality.  Do I live the dream?

Choose to Dwell in Smiles

Past, faraway past lingering no more

The darkness of the world scares me.

There’s a shadow on my heart from you, for your

I don’t want to dwell in silence.

I don’t want to let the darkness in.

The light inside shines too bright to hold

this fear inside.  I let you go to free myself

and dwell in smiles.

The memories ache and hardly seem to fade

but without you I’m better off.  I’m free to be.

I wander seeking happiness, the lights to keep

away the dark.  I don’t see you.  I don’t need

you.  I am wrapped in light with no room

for shadows on my heart.