Moving Day

YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY! Boyfriend moved to BigCity today!!!!!!  We have an apartment together!  It’s big and beautiful and I love it and I’m super excited!  Things are definitely getting better!

(Author’s Note:  While it was super exciting that we finally lived together reality is always shaped by perspective.  The above entry was written while on the triumphant high of being back together in a new place.  The other side of reality was that our wonderful apartment was in a terrible area of town which is why we could afford “such a nice place.”  We discovered the next day that sometime before we moved into the apartment someone had kicked in the front door and it had not been repaired properly.  The only thing between the door being open and closed and locked was the tiny bit of wood where the bolt goes into the frame.  The frame itself had a hole from where it had been kicked in.  I never truly felt safe after that first blissful night in our new place despite the three door locks we purchased and installed.  And for the record, no the office wouldn’t fix it because we had signed a lease and were now stuck.  The Bright-Side:  This apartment is where Boyfriend proposed and became Fiance! More on that later! ❤ )

Some Nights to Someday

Today I returned to Roommate’s house from a stay in CollegeTown.  I went down Friday afternoon and got an allergy shot.  It was good to see Boyfriend.  We hung out with Y-Friend (Y) on Saturday and it was awesome!  She’s such a good friend!  S-Friend (S), CS-Friend (CS), and CD-Friend (CD) were dumb as usual (as usual lately anyways).  We were going to go to a part for S but Boyfriend was informed it was turned into a “boys night” which is STUPID because non of them have ever (in the two years I’ve known them) had girlfriends!  So, really they just want to exclude me, which really hurts, despite my trying not to care.  I’m glad I have Boyfriend because I feel quite lonely at this junction in my life.

I am unsettled…. I have a HomeTown phone number, an address is CollegeTown, and a job in BigCity.  When someone asks where I’m from, I can just reply: “State” because I’m so spread out that it’s true!  I finished a book today and am reminded of my blog… three entries in and I moved and stopped writing.

(Author’s note:  This was a previous attempt at blogging which never made more then those three initial entries.  This blog is a data entered journal that has been edited to remove incriminating Proper Names and Places and is being written in 2013.)

It’s late (almost midnight) and I should be asleep, having gone to bed hours ago.  Instead, I’ve been tiredly wandering around my bookshelf and aimlessly watching T.V.  Today I bought some shoe inserts.  I hope they help my poor feet!  Despite my faerie fans this big “empty” house is freaking me out.  I keep hearing strange noises.  Blah. Roommate offered her bed and I can’t help but wonder if it’d be an improvement to this damn futon with its stupid extender nonsense that makes me sleep in a tiny tiny curled ball.  I won’t sleep there even if it is better because that’s just strange.

I wish Boyfriend was here!  I found a chain of the company he works at right on my way to work!  I hope he can be promoted and transferred somewhere near my job.  I love him SO much!  Someday we’ll get married.  It makes my heart sing to think about!

(Author’s Note: Turns out, I was right!  We DID get married!  We got married on our 6 year anniversary! And Boyfriend (Now Husband) DID get promoted and transferred, even if it did take him 9 months!)

On sweet love-filled thoughts of the future, I will now try to sleep.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!