Officially Engaged, Betrothed, Affianced

Fiance and I are engaged!  We are betrothed!  We are affianced!  He is my fiance and I am his fiance!  I am so deliriously happy!  I haven’t stopped smiling for three days!  My face literally hurts a little bit from all the smiling!  He even managed to surprise me!!!!!! And that’s despite my determination to plan our anniversary and the rest of the week… Fiance, my wonderful and sneaky fiance surprised me!

Tuesday I worked my 11 1/2 hour shift at work.  Then I met Fiance-then-Boyfriend at our new apartment complex to fill out the application to hold our new apartment.  Then we had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden (to celebrate the apartment).  We went home and played a couple games and I was really tired.  Fiance-the-Boyfriend encouraged me to take a cat/power nap, so I did.  I woke up around 8:20pm and we drove all the way out to his retail store 45 minutes away where I purchased a cooperative game as his anniversary gift.  We got delicious smoothies and headed home.  He offered to take me to the movies but I wanted to head home so I would be rested for our anniversary the next day.  We got home and played more fun games.  Then we decided to get ready for bed by watching some TV.  Finally around 1:30am I decided it was time for sleep.  I was in the kitchen getting my usual glass of water.  I was filling up the water filter pitcher and chatting with Fiance-then-Boyfriend when he asked me if we needed a new filter.  I turned and checked it and when I turned back to tell him-he was down on one knee with the ring!!!!!!

“Will you marry me?” He asked.

“Yes!” I joyously replied and his eyes sparked more then the ring and he smiled his special smile that’s just for me.

Then he said, “It was on a night very much like tonight that I first fell in love with you.  It was on another night like tonight when I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.  I’m so happy that we will have a lifetime of nights like this one to share together…”

and I teared up and we hugged and he put the ring on me and it fit!  Then we called my parents a while later (yes we did, even though we’d been together for 5 years and they knew it was coming!) and left them messages.  We finally went to bed at some point later.  We are so thrilled to be engaged! ❤

The next morning was the 1st and our anniversary.  We went and had breakfast together and then got a money order for our new apartment.  Then we went to the park to feed the ducks together and call all our family and friends and share the news with them!  The weather was beautiful and perfect and we strolled around laughing together.  Later that night we went out for dinner at PF Changs and the waiter took our picture (Author’s Note: which we later used as our engagement photo on our Save the Dates.)

Not an April Fool’s Day Prank

Living with a crazy lady for five months appears to have made me reckless.

I am now living with two guys BW (18, in high school) and CR (25, works at Website).  They are fellow nerds but also rock climb and do projects and drive motorcycles/speed bikes (ZK1490? Ninja and Kawasaki).

As living at Roommate’s became more and more awful, I stopped writing about it and telling people how bad it was.  After we agreed to extend our agreement, the situation rapidly deteriorated.  By the end of February I was ready to look for other options (as evidenced by my last entry.)  I began searching at the beginning of March and on 3/31 I moved out of Roommate’s and in with the guys!  I’m already SO much happier!  I have roommates!  They’re nice!  We’ve had dinner together my first two nights!  They helped me move in!  I have my own room with just stuff I want in it.  I can lock them out!  I get to keep things in the bathroom!  I get to keep things in the kitchen!  I have a closet!  I have a ceiling fan!  I have a fan that doesn’t squeak ALL the time!  I have a key to the house!  I get to sleep in the house!  If I did die in the garage, my roommates would notice!  There are no pets or crazy old ladies!  I only live 7 miles from work instead of 20 miles!  I won’t have to get up at 4:30 am anymore!  There are no pets!  I get to use the light switches!  I don’t have to check my bed for crickets before crawling under the covers!  I don’t have to wipe out the kitchen sink after using it!  I can throw away paper towels!  I can use their pool instead of just looking at the pool in the backyard!  I know how many people have access to the house!  I can turn off the TV!  I can take a hot shower!  I can get home from work and eat dinner instead of spending an hour feeding someone else’s pets!

I met CR three times before deciding to move in and BW only once.  I saw the house before agreeing and moved in four days later.  A week before that I learned CR was/might be looking for another roommate.

Tonight they took me riding.  We went 145 MPH!!! We also popped a wheely! (Author’s Note:  This is NOT an exaggeration.  Those things really happened (not at the same time. duh.)  Yep, I was definitely reckless!) I rode on the “world’s fastest production motorcycle!  IT WAS AMAZING!  OMG the adrenaline! WOW!  What a thrill!  I did really well!  It was a great roommate bonding experience!  We came home and I made cookies! …There is so much to say about all that has happened.  Most of me doesn’t want to remember any of it (despite the amazing story stuff I could get form it all.)

I keep procrastinating because I don’t want to sleep because that means I will wake up and have to go to work.  I will now go to sleep.  Perhaps when it’s not so immediate I’ll be able to document these recent events.

(Author’s Note: Nope.  Didn’t really happen.  I have happily let most of those shenanigans fade into the black hole of memory and time and occasionally will bring up a few stories if I’m quite intoxicated and asked directly.  Those stories do make a great comedic stand up act….)