Gorilla Adventures in Cubicle-Land

So the highlight of my month so far happened this past week:

The girl next to me and one of the guys were talking about being tan and he said he was more tan then she was.

She said, “no, you just have darker arm hair that’s not the same thing.”

A girl was walking by at the same time and overheard and said, “did you hear that?  She just said you were hairy!”

And he was like “Hairy?”

And the girl walking by was like, “yeah! Hairy like a gorilla!”

And the first girl goes “a gorilla! I never said that!”

and the hairy guy goes “gorilla!” and then does a gorilla impression by hunching over and hoping down the row of cubes with his arms up like a gorilla!

And another guy walks over because us girls are laughing so hard and asks “what’s so funny.”

So we tell him “that hairy guy just did a gorilla impression!”

And the new guy goes “oh? Like this?” and hunches over so his knuckles drag on the ground and slinks down the row of cubes grunting!

And we all laugh a lot and are like “no it was different”

and the hairy guy comes back and says “yeah like this!” and does his impression again but with more sound effects and then scratches his chest like a gorilla.

The other guy goes “no gorillas are like this” and proceeds to do his impression again.

So they are both doing gorilla impressions and I started laughing so hard I ended up wheezing and clapping like a retarded seal while the girl next to me laughs so hard she starts crying and has to pull out her inhaler.

And that is a true story and the highlight of my month!