I just found out that one of my favorite websites, Offbeat Home & Life, is going to publish a blog post I wrote!!!!!!

I wrote the post a month or so after I got married back in 2012 and tucked it away.  A few days ago I found the post, thought it was awesome, and I polished it up and posted it here under the date when I originally wrote it.  It’s called “Stir Fridays, Wedding-Free Wednesdays, and Tasting Tuesdays.”  My favorite part about the post is that my husband and I still do Stir Fridays!!!  You guys, it’s been 3 years since we got married and we still do this habit we started in the year before that…  That’s amazing! That’s why I liked the post so much, because it made sense and was still working!  To be fair (and honest) we don’t do Stir Friday every week, but whenever we have stir fry, we call it that.  We still cook dinner together when we can and we still call a lot of our cooking experiences “Adventures in Cooking.”

We don’t generally go out to dinner on Tuesdays anymore either because our schedules have changed dramatically since I wrote the post.  We do keep a list of new restaurants to try and when neither of us has something specific in mind for dinner, we go to the list!  We moved about four months ago and although we’re only a few blocks from our old apartment we are technically in a new city.  We’ve been dutifully exploring new restaurants and delivery places.  We are still searching for a delicious pizza place but we found the most AMAZING sushi restaurant!

Wedding-Free Wednesdays has mostly faded from our routine… I think that using that rule/habit worked for us that we used until we didn’t need it anymore.  Perhaps our communication skills have gotten better and/or we just don’t have that kind of huge stressful event weighing down on us anymore.  While we don’t have a whole day set aside I think we are both good at communicating when we get overwhelmed and then we ease back off the topic or work to resolve the thing causing stress.

I’m so scared and excited!  Sending the post to Offbeat Home was a huge deal for me because:

1) I love that site and read it (seriously) every day,

2) I shared something I wrote with the intent to get it published, and

3) I linked the post to my blog.

I did a happy dance when I got the email and I ran around my house yelling about how excited I am!  Then, I made my husband dance with me and I read him the email (punctuated with lots of OMGs)… Now I figured I better post something with this year’s date on it so that if someone clicks the link to the blog they don’t think it’s a dead blog! Which leads me to…

A Little about the Blog

I have been posting on this blog for a couple of years now.  The way I usually post is to post things that I wrote in the past.  I like to do that because looking back I can add context to make the “old” stuff have more layers of meaning.  Like, the Stir Fridays thing… I posted it because it worked for us and is just a normal part of our lives now.  I love the before and after of the post. These days I try to post at least once a week.

I often consider posting about more recent events in my life but it’s complicated…  This is my “secret” blog.  I haven’t shared this blog with my family or friends because I wanted a place to share my writing without the anxiety of knowing everyone on my Facebook feed will be sent an update about it.  A lot of what I write about involves the people in my life and it’s not always comfortable to know that they’re going to read it.  (Since I stopped being friends with jerks I figure that if I told my friends I had a blog, they would probably read it.)   This blog started as a way for me to get more comfortable with sharing my writing.  (Seems like it’s working since I shared a post with a big website!)  Eventually I want to get comfortable enough that I will send my novel out into the world to try and find an editor and publisher.

There are a couple gaps when I stopped posting for a while… During one of these gaps I had a job where I didn’t feel comfortable having a “secret” blog because I was pretty sure it would get found, so I let it just hang out for a while.  After I changed jobs I picked the blog up again.  Then, last October I had some major medical issues to deal with (Downside, 3 major abdominal surgeries within 5 months. Brightside, not cancer! WOO!)   I’m actually still healing/recovering from these surgeries (nerve pain is a lingering, spiteful b**ch) but I’m getting better and that’s awesome! I’m working on a post about my advice on dealing with medical stuff when you have severe medical anxiety. I (perhaps surprisingly, perhaps not) have found a lot of success in dealing with medical-related things such as:

  • Scheduling appointments,
  • Actually going to medical appointments,
  • Having major surgeries,
  • Dealing with work after you’ve been injured and while you’re recovering,
  • Organizing medical bill and insurance statement mail,
  • Paying medical bills, and
  • Working with your partner throughout all that stuff above.

That post is one I also plan on sending to Offbeat Home because I looked for advice on this sort of stuff and it was hard to find.  I’m also going to be continuing to post about my Study Abroad trip to Italy. In addition, I’ll be posting my favorite photos from National Geographic’s photo of the day, funny things from Pinterest, and lots of book-related posts.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my stuff!  If you have requests for the type of posts you’d like to see more, please let me know if the comments below!


Role Playing Commentary

“But,” she said, “I don’t know what clever quip my character would make in this situation.  That’s why I said she makes a clever comment to the effect of go get lost hunting for mushrooms.  I am not as clever as my character therefore I am incapable of coming up with a comment as clever as the one she would.  I thought this was role playing?  I don’t have a cunning score as high as my character so how the hell am I supposed to know what sneaky motives she has for all her actions?” She slammed both hands on the table, making the dice jump and the soda slosh in the cans.

Yes, its role playing but how boring would it be if instead of adding dialogue we all just said things like, ‘my character jumps across the bridge’ instead of describing how the character ‘used the heads of the goblins as stepping stones as she lightly pranced her superiority across their upturned faces.’  The first one works, yes.  The second comment is more of what we’re after.  It’s much more interesting for the rest of us.  You may not be as cunning as your character or react as fast but some kind of dialogue and effort is exponentially better than simple description.”  His sincerity didn’t quite match the situation because it was just a game.  It’s not like she was insulting him or his ability to be creative.

“I just don’t understand how I’m supposed to be able to control a character that is so different from myself. “

“It’s fun.  That’s what makes it fun is the challenge and the newness; the fact that you get to be clever instead of constantly missing the point.” The third person at the table helpfully chimed in.

“Great.  Thanks” she said rolling her eyes.  This game was not going like she’d planned.  It’s not as if the rest of her life was going along with her plans so it made sense that something as simple as a game in her free time wouldn’t go the way she expected either.  That would mean something was going right for a change.  She sighed in exasperation at the direction of her thoughts.  “I think I’m just tired” she admitted.  “Maybe one more fight and then I’m about done for the night.  Next week will go smoother.” She hoped so anyway.

She enjoyed these silly role playing games but sometimes the group’s drama made it challenging to just relax and enjoy the game.  Whenever the drama bled into the game she was always frustrated.  It seemed like it was happening more often too, which really didn’t improve her desire to keep playing.


Tell That Funny Story About Your Life

Someday, I will look back on all this and be amused.  That day is not today.  Now, living it all, I find myself raging at the circumstances beyond my control.  I find myself feeling trapped and without viable options.  I find myself scared and sick and full of rage.

“Faerie, tell that funny story about your life!” Says AG at dinner.  We are at three tables crowded together in the center of Applebee’s on a Saturday evening after work.  There are twelve of us coworkers there.

“Oh, you mean about how I pay to live with a 62 year old grandma?  Or how about how I sleep in a garage?”

“You sleep in the garage?!” exclaims DS.

“Yes, I pay to sleep in the garage.” I calmly reply.  My right eye begins to twitch.

“Oh my god!  That is not humane!  This is BigCity!  What are you going to do in the summer?” Asks DS.

“Shit, what are you going to do in two weeks when it starts getting hot?” KM retorts.

“Well I already bought a heater.  Yes, a heater, in BigCity.  It gets better though.  Want to know the best part?  She has a goat.”

“A What?” Someone questions.

“Did you say goat?”

“Yes and the best part.  I pay to live with a 62 year old grandma, I sleep in the garage, I live with a goat, and the goat gets the bigger garage.” I say.

“No shit?” Everyone is laughing.

“Oh no, it shits a lot.  Roommate and I had to have a talk about how her goat shits a lot and even though I do, in fact, sweep goat shit every night when I feed the animals, the goat still shits all night and the next ten hours of the day while I’m at work.  She may not think I sweep it up but I do.”  The whole table is laughing while I respond to their incredulous questions.  Their laughter punctuates the “funny story about my life.”

“Oh my god.   And you pay for this? How much do you pay?”

“You should move out!”

“We need to work on an exit strategy for you.”

“I find myself still asking if its worth it.  Is there still value in living there?  Despite the shenanigans and craziness it is quite cheap and I don’t know if I can afford to live anywhere else.”  I am raging about my life to twelve people I work with and they are all laughing hysterically.  I didn’t expect my rage to be amusing but I’m glad my situation is good for something other than rage.  I’ve known that sometimes people find me funny, but I didn’t expect my sincere feelings about the state of my life to bring so much mirth to others.  I guess that when you look at how other people are living it is easier to look at your own life and say, well at least I don’t live in a garage.  At least I don’t live with a goat.  At least the goat doesn’t live in the bigger garage.  “Someday,” I say confidently to the crowd, “this will make a very funny story.”

“That day is today.  Faerie, that day is today” laughs KM.  The rest of the table laughs along and I cannot help but to laugh along with them because it could always be worse.  I could have to share the garage with the goat…



So for this past weekend I concocted an elaborate plan to see both my parents and Boyfriend!  It was too complicated and not realistic.  Instead I used my dad’s plan- I went to HomeTown on Friday night (Vveerrryyy long drive: 31/2 hours after a full shift long.  I kept almost falling asleep during the last 45 minutes) and stayed until Monday morning.  On Monday I drove to CollegeTown and spend the day with Boyfriend! (and got an allergy shot).  Monday night I came back to Roommate’s house in BigCity and went back to work Tuesday (yesterday.)

HomeTown was fun!  On Halloween I hung out with my parents then we drove downtown to see all the costumes.  We had 3 trick or treaters!  Boyfriend only had 2.  I bought my dad Borderlands for X Box 360 but he didn’t like it…. That sucks because it was then a waste of money and a waste of a birthday present.  I hate getting presents for people that they don’t love. The Babies (dogs) were great!  Dad gave them a haircut so they looked ridiculous but were so soft!  Poor OldDog… he’s getting so old.  The cold makes him limp and he sleeps a lot.  He plays a lot too though and jumped onto my and my parents beds even though they’re really tall and he’s only a lil dog.  YoungDog was a spastic as ever but also rather sweet!  My mom was also good.  Once again she got me really excited about two books she got at the library that are not yet available to normal people!  She always gets the best books and I’m so lucky she shares them with me!  It was a great trip!  I cried a lot when it was time to go.

With Boyfriend in CollegeTown I also had a ton of fun!  We went to the bookstore and fed the ducks and had delicious lunch.  Then we went “home” and finished playing Final Fantasy X-2!  WOW!  The game was powerful and had a great ending and was such a great game!  We got the good ending too!!!!  I liked it better then the perfect ending (which we looked up online after so I could see what it was).  Boyfriend has played all the Final Fantasy games before but I haven’t so he introduced me to Final Fantasy X and X-2.  I totally loved them!  I cried even more when it was time to go.  The major flaw with my weekend plans was having to leave and say goodbye to everyone.

Tuesday I worked- it was alright.  I was entirely on my own and was doing the main area of the warehouse by myself.  J continued to get training on computer things (like last week).  It’s another example of how unfair things are.  I’m so over it.  Last night the big contract went live!  That meant that we had to call in to work this morning to see what time we had to go in.  The message wasn’t there before I had to leave the house for my long commute.  I just went to Starbucks.  I of course had my book with me.  While I was in line a coworker recognized me and invited me to join her and her friends!  YAY!  (I don’t think she remembered but she was the same girl who said hi to me, the first person to initiate nice contact to me at work!)  I ended up having coffee with CY, DE, CA, GC, and CL for two hours!  It was awesome!!! I got to learn about all kinds of work gossip.

Most interesting was the animosity/hostility towards my supervisor!  Two girls were even talking about physically fighting her!  (That freaked me out because I don’t deal well with violence but I assume they were joking so I’m not worried or anything.)  I don’t know what all went down to cause all this, but it is interesting nonetheless.  Perhaps the nuggets of bitchiness I’ve seen are seen by other people as well?  I don’t know and am not too worried.  I will find out for myself and decide my opinions about people for myself.  At work, it was a strangely paced day – it was a steady stream of orders but I was actually able to make and keep up with progress!  Woo!  Oh yeah!  At Starbucks the girls also invited me out Friday night after work to a little Mexican cantina bar.  I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED!  Yay work friends!  I’m not a big drinker and I have a long drive home but I’ll feed the animals half their food before I leave in the morning to tide them over and the rest when I get home late and I will just have one drink or a soda and not worry about it.  SOCIAL INTERACTION! YEAH!  I knew it would happen if I just kept smiling!

I can do my job but I’m definitely afraid that this is it.  Once again, J received training on computer stuff while I was stuck stocking shelves.  He doesn’t even want to be doing/learning it at all.  He literally makes faces and rolls his eyes while they’re training him and has told me he doesn’t like the sitting down/computer work.  He says he’d rather run around the warehouse floor then sit at the desk.  That should be perfect because I’d love to learn the computer stuff!  I’m frustrated because my boss said this week I would learn two new areas.  My week is half over and there has been NO training.  I feel like I’m whining but this reality is not what I was told the job was in my interview.  During the interview they made the job sound interesting.  It’s not. They made it sound challenging.  It’s only challenging in so much as having to work around the incompetencies of stupid people.  It’s not interesting and it’s not something I want to do.  My year has barely started and I’m already waiting for a transfer opportunity.  I need to get my Technician certificate.  It shouldn’t be too hard but it does cost $130.  I’d like to work more with computers.  I don’t want to work with the handheld PDA.  The stupid red laser scanner light hurts my eyes after only a couple of hours.  I’m afraid the reflections may be damaging my beautiful eyes and perfect vision!  I’m hoping this is a groundless, needless worry but I don’t know.  It’s not like there is any real recourse anyway even if I was going blind.  These big companies are terrifying like that.

Things with Boyfriend are fantastic!  Well, as fantastic as they can be while we still live in two separate cities.  I can’t wait until he moves up here!  I miss him terribly.  We have such fun together!  Even if we’re on the phone or texting we still just have tons of fun…  I’m off to sleep now!  Goodnight and sweet dreams of faeries dancing in the moonlight.