Meanwhile, In Faerie’s Imagination

“Inspiration struck as she was amidst the stacks.  Furtively, she looked around, pulled out her notebook and began furiously scribbling (hopping she could read it later!) 

“What are you doing?”  She screeched and jumped two feet into the air as her notebook went flying, pages in disarray.  “Get back to work!  That wasn’t counting!  Them was words on those pages!  I don’t pay you to scribble, I pays ye to count, move boxes, and count more!  Not scribble in yer little book!”  She picked up the offensive book in question and stowed it away quickly in her pocket and got back to working.”


This little scene struck me like a bottle falling on my head off a tall shelf today while I was working in the warehouse back room.  I looked around and didn’t see anyone so I pulled out my notebook and wrote it down.  It was fascinating to me because it was a fictionalized commentary about actual events that took place as a result of imagining the fictional commentary.  Ironically if my boss had seen me writing in my notebook she would have criticized me for it…. Some days all you can do is laugh in defiance of the madness of your surroundings.


It’s Tired in Here!

It’s tired in here!  Early nights and even earlier mornings is my new routine.

Today Roommate told me she thought faeries had moved into my bedroom with me!  (One of my two fans squeaks incessantly apparently and I leave it on all the time since I sleep in the extra garage and we live in the desert.)  Roommate thought she heard faerie pipes and music throughout the day.  She came in multiple times to check if I had left my radio or television on but couldn’t figure out what was making the noise.  When I came home she told me and I searched out the noise and discovered the perpetrator: the fan!

Perhaps she is right.  Maybe I did bring faeries with me.  I am, after all sure that of course I brought magic with me!  My new chapter has begun and it’s quite exciting.  I really enjoy my new job even though it’s only been the second day!  Everyone is still so nice and friendly.  The job will be a challenge and I’ll definitely run my butt off.  Yay (it’s about time! LoL).  I solved two problems today.  I work for a company I can be proud of and passionate about!  WOW!  How many people can say that about their first job after graduating from college?  It is by no means my dream job… after all I am now the proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts in English and my first post-college job is as an Inventory Associate.  It could be worse.  They say on average it takes 3 jobs after graduation until you have a job related to your field.  I can make that happen and I believe this company has room for growth potential.  This job just got my foot in the door and I work hard.  Also English is a very useful degree because we use English every day!  I focused in Technical Writing so that definitely helps with the usefulness.  I have a plan and even if other people are skeptical I believe in myself (even if sometimes I forget).