Plans for Moving, Plans for Wedding, Plans for Working

So I totally wore my rings all day at work!  People were so excited for me!  I loved it when people did double takes aww… how nice…damn! Then they would grab my hand!  I had three wonderful maulings/hugs and made 2 people cry with our engagement story.

Word was a good, interesting day today but I definitely need a better job.  I can’t comfortably wear my rings all the time at this job.  I don’t want to scratch or ding them in this dumb warehouse job.  Every time I see my engagement ring in the sunlight, I’m stunned!  WOW!  Fiance has literally bedecked me in jewels!  I have diamond earrings, emerald and diamond rings on one hand, and a sweet diamond engagement ring on the other!  So awesome!  I feel like we can never say we’re poor again! ❤ lol  I’m a fiance! I’m giddy.  Totally giddy!

Tonight was also wonderful because my mom and I got to talk about wedding plans!  We talked about locations and venues and dresses and flowers and who would do my hair and makeup and themes and colors and bridesmaids and food!  She respectfully requested HomeTown be taken off the table as an option for location.  I’m a bit nostalgic about letting it go.  Also my dad really wants me to get married there.  I understand both sides.  One image from childhood I apparent still have is the thought of me getting married at the old big church downtown.  I don’t actually want a big Catholic wedding so it’s okay to let that childhood image fade away.

BigCity is where Fiance and I have chosen to start our lives together so it’s fitting our wedding will be here.  It will be in the summer so yes, it will be hot.  That’s why we are planning to do it inside.  It’s really the best choice what with heat, uncertain weather, and allergens but I love the idea of a garden wedding and/or reception.  I’m really hoping we can find an indoor garden that will be perfect.  Also, my mom came up with a suggestion to donate the “unwanted” flowers to a nursing home and/or hospital after the reception is over.  I really love that idea!  I also realized that I would love a paper rose made with selected Elizabeth Barret Browning Sonnets.  I am quite intrigued with that idea.

There is a lot of wedding stuff going on but we also have to move!  Yay we are leaving the ghetto for a border ghetto area! Woo!  The apartment seems much safer though and we were particular about which apartment specifically we will be moving into.  We haven’t started packing yet though and we’re moving in less then 3 weeks! EEEKKK!


Officially Engaged, Betrothed, Affianced

Fiance and I are engaged!  We are betrothed!  We are affianced!  He is my fiance and I am his fiance!  I am so deliriously happy!  I haven’t stopped smiling for three days!  My face literally hurts a little bit from all the smiling!  He even managed to surprise me!!!!!! And that’s despite my determination to plan our anniversary and the rest of the week… Fiance, my wonderful and sneaky fiance surprised me!

Tuesday I worked my 11 1/2 hour shift at work.  Then I met Fiance-then-Boyfriend at our new apartment complex to fill out the application to hold our new apartment.  Then we had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden (to celebrate the apartment).  We went home and played a couple games and I was really tired.  Fiance-the-Boyfriend encouraged me to take a cat/power nap, so I did.  I woke up around 8:20pm and we drove all the way out to his retail store 45 minutes away where I purchased a cooperative game as his anniversary gift.  We got delicious smoothies and headed home.  He offered to take me to the movies but I wanted to head home so I would be rested for our anniversary the next day.  We got home and played more fun games.  Then we decided to get ready for bed by watching some TV.  Finally around 1:30am I decided it was time for sleep.  I was in the kitchen getting my usual glass of water.  I was filling up the water filter pitcher and chatting with Fiance-then-Boyfriend when he asked me if we needed a new filter.  I turned and checked it and when I turned back to tell him-he was down on one knee with the ring!!!!!!

“Will you marry me?” He asked.

“Yes!” I joyously replied and his eyes sparked more then the ring and he smiled his special smile that’s just for me.

Then he said, “It was on a night very much like tonight that I first fell in love with you.  It was on another night like tonight when I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.  I’m so happy that we will have a lifetime of nights like this one to share together…”

and I teared up and we hugged and he put the ring on me and it fit!  Then we called my parents a while later (yes we did, even though we’d been together for 5 years and they knew it was coming!) and left them messages.  We finally went to bed at some point later.  We are so thrilled to be engaged! ❤

The next morning was the 1st and our anniversary.  We went and had breakfast together and then got a money order for our new apartment.  Then we went to the park to feed the ducks together and call all our family and friends and share the news with them!  The weather was beautiful and perfect and we strolled around laughing together.  Later that night we went out for dinner at PF Changs and the waiter took our picture (Author’s Note: which we later used as our engagement photo on our Save the Dates.)

One Ring

Yesterday Boyfriend and I “picked out” my engagement ring!  I didn’t know such a perfect ring was out there!  It was so cool “picking it out” too!  I’m SO happy and excited!  In December I finally told Boyfriend I was ready to get engaged.  We were sitting on the couch and talking about what to do for dinner and he asked me what I wanted.  I paused and said “I want to be engaged.”  He broke out into the hugest smile and said “Good! Because I was going to propose soon whether you were ready or not!”  (Author’s Note:  We had been together for four and a half years in December and he had brought it up before then but I kept telling him things like “Whoa there turbo!  I’m only *insert age here* or “I just graduated college I’m not ready yet!” Silly excuses.  Finally I was ready and that was good because he had been waiting for me to let him know because he was going to propose on our anniversary.) June 1 is our 5 year anniversary and he told me he had decided to do it then because it was our day.

We’ve gone about this engagement the same way we’ve gone about other major decisions we’ve made in our relationship (like moving in together and moving cities).  We decided on something individually and then we talked about it together and came to a decision for us.  Then, we went to our parents and told them our decision and asked them, not for their permission, but for their blessings.  We talked with them about their concerns and tried to help everyone be as comfortable about our decision as we were.  We’ve made the decision to become engaged.  Last week we went to HomeTown and told my parents.  We were going to to to CollegeTown this past weekend and tell his parents but his mom has a concussion so we rain checked.  Yesterday we went to ShaneCo and “found” the perfect engagement ring!  It’s white gold and has a wide band.  It has many diamonds (not diamond chips which apparently is a good thing? I’m just excited because it’s sparkly!) on the band itself.  It has a flower/vine/awesome design.  The detailing is shiny and sparkling and interesting and totally unique to the naked eye.  Under magnification the detailing is breathtaking!  It’s like Boyfriend commissioned this ring for me from a faerie court.  That is how perfect it is and how much I love it!  He’s trying to play it off like we picked it out together.  In fact, that’s what he said on our way here.  Really it was quite convenient how the sales person lead us right to this one which was utterly wonderful and exactly matched what I was hoping for.  I’m convinced he had picked it out before and wasn’t sure I would like it since it’s so unique so he had me come with him to make sure it was the one and to get it sized so it would fit when he did propose. 🙂 (Author’s Note: Yep. Totally called that one! He only just now admitted it too the sly, sly, wonderful man!) Once we “picked it out” the guy told us/me all about diamonds and we “picked out” the central diamond too!  It has a “feather” in it and no dark flecks/”freckles.” A feather is a compression line within a diamond that sort of looks like a crack and is called a feather that can be seen under magnification.  Freckles are little bits of coal still trapped in the diamond that look like little spots under magnification.  I didn’t want darkness in our engagement ring but I’m okay with a feathers because feathers remind me of flying and my heart has wings right now!

I’m so happy for Boyfriend aka SoonToBeFiance and me right now!  I just feel so ready for our future and know that sometimes the forest of life is not a dark and scary trek.  Sometimes the forest is a peaceful, open, happy place with birds singing and sunshine splashing through brilliant green leaves.   I’m caught up in the magical happiness of our love as we move forward to this next part of our journey together. ❤