Alzheimer’s and Dementia

My mom met with the assisted living car facility today about my grandparents.  I was too nervous to call and see how it went.  It is a terrible situation and I grieve for everyone involved, even myself. My grandparents both have Alzheimer’s and dementia.  What is unusual is that they share the same delusions though.  They literally are in their own world.  Since my cousin has gone away to boarding school my grandparents and my parents have reconnected.  It quickly became obvious that all was not well.  My grandparents…. it’s just such a mess and I think only people who have experienced a loved one go through the trials of Alzheimer’s and dementia can understand how vulnerable they are now.  The worst part is that I miss them so much because even when we are together, they are not the same grandparents I used to know.  Sometimes they don’t even remember who I am.  I wish there was more I could do to help.  I just love them.  My parents are doing their best to help but they live 45 minutes away in another city.  They keep driving down to help twice a week but the rest of the week is consumed with worry about them.  The assisted living facility is only a block from my parent’s house and is super nice.  I used to volunteer there when I was in high school.  I hate the thought of them going to live somewhere like that because they’ve always been so independent… but I hate the thought of them alone in their big house more because at least in this place they will be safe and will have positive social interaction with people who won’t try to steal everything they have.

I pray for my parents and grandparents.  I hope that whatever happens the family will embrace my mom with love and support instead of blame, anger, negativity, etc.  I hope they disprove my fears and expectations.  People are SO awful!  Especially family!  I feel so helpless.  I just send positive thoughts and prayers their way and hope it is enough.  Still no job update.  Running out of money still.  I need a job before May 1st so I need to get an offer in the next couple weeks.  I will keep praying for the best and trying to brace for the worst.