Inspiration strikes in the early morning pre-dawn darkness.  It’s so early the sun has not even considered getting up or opening its soft blue-gray eye.  Unlike the optimistic, enthusiastic morning birds that joyously begin rousing the day while night still firmly cups the world in darkness, the human lights haven’t stopped burning in the dark.  The lights rest under the watchful sunlight.  I am awake before the birds, before the sun, before the night slowly lets the darkness drain through its fingers as the sky becomes morning.  Inside I don’t see this exchange, but I like to think I can feel it happening.

Choose to Dwell in Smiles

Past, faraway past lingering no more

The darkness of the world scares me.

There’s a shadow on my heart from you, for your

I don’t want to dwell in silence.

I don’t want to let the darkness in.

The light inside shines too bright to hold

this fear inside.  I let you go to free myself

and dwell in smiles.

The memories ache and hardly seem to fade

but without you I’m better off.  I’m free to be.

I wander seeking happiness, the lights to keep

away the dark.  I don’t see you.  I don’t need

you.  I am wrapped in light with no room

for shadows on my heart.