Gorilla Adventures in Cubicle-Land

So the highlight of my month so far happened this past week:

The girl next to me and one of the guys were talking about being tan and he said he was more tan then she was.

She said, “no, you just have darker arm hair that’s not the same thing.”

A girl was walking by at the same time and overheard and said, “did you hear that?  She just said you were hairy!”

And he was like “Hairy?”

And the girl walking by was like, “yeah! Hairy like a gorilla!”

And the first girl goes “a gorilla! I never said that!”

and the hairy guy goes “gorilla!” and then does a gorilla impression by hunching over and hoping down the row of cubes with his arms up like a gorilla!

And another guy walks over because us girls are laughing so hard and asks “what’s so funny.”

So we tell him “that hairy guy just did a gorilla impression!”

And the new guy goes “oh? Like this?” and hunches over so his knuckles drag on the ground and slinks down the row of cubes grunting!

And we all laugh a lot and are like “no it was different”

and the hairy guy comes back and says “yeah like this!” and does his impression again but with more sound effects and then scratches his chest like a gorilla.

The other guy goes “no gorillas are like this” and proceeds to do his impression again.

So they are both doing gorilla impressions and I started laughing so hard I ended up wheezing and clapping like a retarded seal while the girl next to me laughs so hard she starts crying and has to pull out her inhaler.

And that is a true story and the highlight of my month!

First Cubicle, Complete with Ceiling Support Beam

I like my new job!  It is unlike any other job I’ve had.  I have most of a cubicle all to myself.  I have my first cubicle!  LoL  I have to share it with a ceiling support column though… so instead of three desk surfaces, I have 2 and only 1 filing cabinet instead of 2… Also the huge column awkwardly sticks out enough that I keep hitting it with my chair and my arms.  My elbows in particular have gotten to know the beige column quite well. 

I try to think of it like a game.  Again, someday, like with many things in my life, I’m sure someday it will make a funny story.

So after my dynamic first two weeks of training, I’ve been moved into the training pod.  The first day I called around 80 “potential students.”  Then yesterday I called around 150.  Today I called around 210 potential students!  The first two days I had a quality conversation but today I got a Personally Developed Referral!  WWWOOOO!!!  I haven’t yet got a student or had someone do an application or taken anyone through the virtual tour… but I’m still optimistic.  The dialing is pretty boring and disappointing, and also strangely anxiety inducing.  But I feel like it will be worth it when I finally get that one potential student who is really interested. 

Today I found out that there is a lawsuit against my university which worries me.  The company says it’s legit but a couple of states are against us… so… I want to learn more about that for sure! 

I will be glad to get out of the training pod and over to my team.  They seem pretty supportive and I feel comfortable with them. 

I’m trying really hard to remember the lessons I learned from my previous company about professionalism.  It is a challenge because my team manager is so friendly, easy to talk with, and also she dresses really causally. 

I haven’t worn jeans yet because I’m excited for the business casual attire. 

I’m trying to find the balance between winging it and utilizing my notes on conversations.  I hope I continue to learn quickly so I can help potential students become students and be successful!  This job seems to have a lot of potential to be wonderful.  I will enjoy getting to leave the phones behind me and getting to start helping students though.  I wonder when that transition happens?

(Author’s Note: Turns out… there was no escaping the phones!  At least, not for me.  I finally escaped the phones in that I left the company.  I was never very good at this job even though I really tried to be successful.  The problem I had was that I cared to much about the people I talked with.  If they really didn’t want to go to school then I didn’t try to guilt them into feeling like they needed it.  If they told me they really couldn’t afford it, I would listen.  I was only a few short weeks from living on $10 an hour so I totally understood about not being able to afford $45,000 in student loans to try and get a job that may not even come with a salary high enough to begin paying off those student loans and still live.  Sometimes college is not the right answer for everyone and that is ok.  I wish it was an option for everyone but when you’re 84 and live on a fixed income in a nursing home and I don’t pressure you to apply for school and instead I take you off our calling list… I should get rewarded for saving the company time instead of yelled at for not trying hard enough. 

I genuinely don’t believe the online private university business model is a successful one.  I know lots and lots of people who’ve gotten their degrees with one… but I know even more people who started one of those programs, couldn’t finish them and now are worse off then when they were before they tried because now they have to pay off student loans while still working at their same awful jobs.  I don’t know what the right answer is, I just know that if you’re filling out a job application on a website and a page pops up that looks like the one you just filled out but you have to fill it out again it might be that company selling your information to one of those schools so they can harass you three times a day for the next six months trying to get you to come back to school. RIDICULOUS!  That’s not helping anyone! I’m so glad to be free from that place as well! )