The Case for Reading Bad Books

Go check out the following article:

The Case for Reading Bad Books by @rebeccaschinsky


This article was a good one that articulates an argument for finishing “bad” books even if you are normally a person who tends to not finish them.  I have only not finished maybe 10 books, ever.  If I pick something up and start to read it then I’ve already bought into it.

With the activity of my imagination I have to finish bad books because then I can let them go.  I can let the characters slip away into the humiliated dark shadows of regret.  I can let the setting fade away into a cliche fog.  If I don’t finish a book then it will keep cropping up like an unwanted Facebook status update from that whiny friend who complains every day.  If I don’t finish a book then I wonder about what happens next in the storyline.  Those poor characters… even the ones I didn’t like… did the author ever get their shit together and give them a real chance at an interesting story/developed plot/happy ending?  Ugh!

No it is better by far for me to plow through a bad book while railing against the injustice of books like these getting published while talented authors with more put together stories/more interesting characters/a good conflict all languish in the realm of unpublished and unfinished imaginationland.   I will finish a bad book in one sitting (if I can stomach it) and then reward myself with a rereading of one of my favorite books as a salve to my imagination.  It’s like here imagination… this is how the book should have gone down.  I’m sorry I put us through that… here’s some deliciously distracting Terry Pratchett as a pallet cleanser.