To Worry or to Play?

I just found a really interesting post from the blog at called “How I Cured My Anxiety” by @charliehoehn and it was not at all what I was expecting to read.  The part that really clicked with me I copied below in quotes:


If you’re struggling with anxiety… Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I allowing myself to have regular guilt-free play with friends?
  2. Am I sitting and staring at a screen for most of the day?
  3. Am I consuming information that’s feeding my anxiety? (e.g. conspiracy websites, fear-mongering news)
  4. Am I moving enough each day to exhaust myself? (i.e. lifting heavy weights, playing sports, sprinting)
  5. Am I outside getting natural sunlight and fresh air each day? (I couldn’t get enough sun at the time, so I did 30-days of Vitamin-D + fish oil, along with Vitamin-B. Both helped me ease up and feel better)
  6. Am I sleeping eight hours per night?
  7. Am I consuming too many stimulants (caffeine, sugar, grain carbs) and depressants (alcohol, drugs) throughout the week?

Those are the areas that will help your anxiety tremendously, once you’ve taken steps to fix them.”


My day job is a Proposal Writer and in my free time I play a lot of video games, work on my fiction novel, short stories, and poetry, and read.  I thought I was playing a lot in my daily life because I do things I enjoy and have a job I’ve always worked for.  Then I tried to honestly answer these 7 questions and realized that playing and mentally decompressing are not necessarily the same things.  I am going to incorporate more play into my daily life because I struggle with anxiety and playing sounds much more fun then worrying.


El Diario De Una Chica Muerta. *Story in Spanish*

Esto es un cuento verdadero acerca de un chico y una chica que jugaron pelota.


“¡Oye! El reloj esta patada,” gritó Robert como él tiró mi pelota favorita alto en el aire. Se bajó rápido y Robert pateó la pelota en el lugar perfecto.

“Todo nuestro practicar saldó,” pensé. “Que es realmente una vergüenza,” pensé un momento después. La pelota voló por el aire, por encima de la cerca y chocó en la yarda de mi vecino. “Robert!” yo grité.

“Lo ciento,’’ él confió.

“Bien, usted lo obtendrá?” yo pregunté. “¡Por favor.”

“No! Está en la otra yarda.” Robert gimoteó.

“¡Usted lo pateó tan usted va lo obtiene! ¡Ahora! Por favor!” pregunté otra vez.

“No, es su pelota, usted lo obtiene!” El contestó.

Subí por encima de la cerca y busqué mi pelota.

“Usted está bien?” Llamó Robert de mi yarda.

“Estoy bien. Usted está bien?” volví a llamar.

“Se apresura,” él contestó impacientemente.

“Yo venida ,” yo grité a Robert. ¡Entonces dejo caer lo pateó por encima de la cerca y en el arroyo!

Hice se da cuenta de hasta Robert gritó, “¡el trabajo bueno! Ahora está en el arroyo!”

Corrí espalda a la cerca y sin mirar donde aterrizaría, salté en mi yarda. Aterrizé en el cortacésped yo corté el brazo y había mucha sangre. Robert desbordó y yo lo dije le tocaba a él ir obtiene la pelota. El se rió y concordó. Como sangré lentamente a la muerte Robert obtuvo la pelota de el arroyo.

El fin

Firmado: La Chica Que Murió



(Author’s Note:  I wrote this story in 2003, when I was in high school, for a Spanish class.  Turns out I don’t know Spanish as well as I used to because I get the gist of this story but I definitely could not recreate it today! LoL.  I hope you enjoyed this random – only (unless I find those poems…- Spanish entry.)

Ending with Bliss

I’m married!  I’m now RealFirstName RealMiddleName NewRealLastName!!!!  We’ve had such a wonderful journey together and we capped it off with a wonderful wedding!  There were 98 people, a rocking DJ, excellent food, fabulous cake, amazing flowers, and Fiance/Husband!  Now, as I’m writing, I’m SO tired but I want to remember all the fun details about the whole weekend!  I’m not sure where to begin.  I’m so happy!  It was a beautiful ceremony filled with laughter and tears of joy!  Everyone had such a great time.  This event is the beginning of a New Chapter.  This journal is complete and I will begin a new one with my next entry.  This chapter has lasted three years.  I am once again in the space between chapters.  It is the breath before the speech, the start of the road towards happily ever after…