Pay No Attention to the Reader Behind the Blog

Greetings Blog Reader!

Things of Note:

  • You may call me Faerie Reader.  No, that is not my real name but it is a name and as you know, names have power.
  • In my blog I often refer to three places: “HomeTown,” “CollegeTown,” and “BigCity.”  Those are what I call the three cities I visit most often.  I am from HomeTown, lived in “CollegeTown” for five-ish years and then after years of swearing it would never happen… moved to “BigCity.”  “BigCity” turned out to be WAY better then I ever dreamed!  I love it here… and yes it is hot. Bright side (<-Pun! It’s sunny and hot and I pointed out the “bright side”-lol) There is always so much going on that I always have adventures cropping up!
  • I often refer to a character known as “Husband” in recent posts.  Before he was “Husband,” he was “Fiance.”  Before he was “Husband” or “Fiance” he was “Boyfriend.”  We have been together for over 7 years and are working on our happily ever after, although we are still in the part of the faerie tale where the adventurers are traveling through the forest.
  • I am a writer. (Obviously.)  I wrote mostly poems throughout my life and have kept a journal mostly on but also off as the years have passed, but I have also dabbled in short stories.  Posts categorized as “Writing” will be posts that are poems, short stories, and in one case a play.  Posts categorized as “Journal Entries” are in fact entries from one of my journals.  Posts labeled “Random Rambling” are composed of whatever I felt like at the time of their creation.
  • True story.  I must have been given a faerie gift when I was born and that gift must have been “May your life be interesting” because I have had the strangest experiences… There is hardly ever a dull moment in my life and after 26 years I have become a bit weary of always having people ask me to “tell that interesting story about your life.”  Notice I wrote “about your life” and not about your day, or month, or last job, or roommate… no it’s the story of my  people ask about because it has been an eventful journey.
  • Sometimes I write about things that are funny. Sometimes I write about cancer and sadness and anxiety and struggles.  Sometimes I write about books I’ve read or movies I’ve seen or games I’ve played.
  • If you have questions or comments please feel free to comment and whatnot.

Now I am off to experience life and adventure… but first: a nap!




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