More Excited then Stressed

Today was a good interesting day!  The final wedding invitation proofs came (version 3 for the record) and I am excited about them again! I think they look great and I’m thrilled with how they’re going to look!  Also, one of my mom’s younger friends who I’ve always been close to has offered to let me use her veil as my “something borrowed!”  Apparently it cost her $1500!  I don’t remember it specifically from her wedding 9 years ago but I do remember how beautiful she was!  Also I talked with my mom and my future mother in law about the wedding budget so we are all on the same page.  Things are looking up! 

i’m finally feeling more excited about the wedding than stressed!  YAY!  We also had our second premarital counseling session.  It’s going really well and is quite interesting.  It is also harder then I thought it would be at first.  That is the whole point though, so that’s good.  I love Fiance SO much!  I’m so happy we’re together!  He really is amazing!  Today I also finished our “WedSite!”  It looks awesome but my favorite part is the “Attractions” page.  Since the wedding is going to be in BigCity and we are the only people who live here and since the wedding is on a Friday, I spent a lot of time finding other BigCity “attractions.”  I included laser tag, the zoo, the science center, and other great places to visit including lots of great restuarants for a range of budgets.  I really had a fun time putting it all together.  I hope we get the invites out by the 15th!



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