The End of the Harry Potter Era

I just got out of the LAST Harry Potter movie.  It really is the end of an era.  WOW!

I have been to every midnight release of every Harry Potter book and movie since there have been midnight releases.  Wow.

The movie was good.  The book, of course, was so much more… the movie was amazing though. I actually like how the Hedwig situation was handled in the movie better than how it was handled in the books.  It just made more sense to me that she would be out and about flying around instead of in a cage.

I’m glad I was there.  I have 1st editions of all 7 Harry Potter books.  Unfortunately my copies of the 3rd and 4th books are gone.  Someone “borrowed” them and never returned them.  I really ant them replaced.  I also want to reread and rewatch the series now.  Wow.  I hope someday I get published and impact the world even a fraction as much as J.K. Rowling has.

(Author’s Note:  I did replace those missing first editions with other first editions. And I did reread and rewatch the series.  In fact I reread them at least once a year because I love them that much.  This past year I even joined a Harry Potter Book Club with some friends who had somehow missed out on reading and watching the series.  The club would read a book and then we would meet for drinks and snacks and talks and watch the movie together.  We are on the 6th book at the moment.)



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