Role Playing Commentary

“But,” she said, “I don’t know what clever quip my character would make in this situation.  That’s why I said she makes a clever comment to the effect of go get lost hunting for mushrooms.  I am not as clever as my character therefore I am incapable of coming up with a comment as clever as the one she would.  I thought this was role playing?  I don’t have a cunning score as high as my character so how the hell am I supposed to know what sneaky motives she has for all her actions?” She slammed both hands on the table, making the dice jump and the soda slosh in the cans.

Yes, its role playing but how boring would it be if instead of adding dialogue we all just said things like, ‘my character jumps across the bridge’ instead of describing how the character ‘used the heads of the goblins as stepping stones as she lightly pranced her superiority across their upturned faces.’  The first one works, yes.  The second comment is more of what we’re after.  It’s much more interesting for the rest of us.  You may not be as cunning as your character or react as fast but some kind of dialogue and effort is exponentially better than simple description.”  His sincerity didn’t quite match the situation because it was just a game.  It’s not like she was insulting him or his ability to be creative.

“I just don’t understand how I’m supposed to be able to control a character that is so different from myself. “

“It’s fun.  That’s what makes it fun is the challenge and the newness; the fact that you get to be clever instead of constantly missing the point.” The third person at the table helpfully chimed in.

“Great.  Thanks” she said rolling her eyes.  This game was not going like she’d planned.  It’s not as if the rest of her life was going along with her plans so it made sense that something as simple as a game in her free time wouldn’t go the way she expected either.  That would mean something was going right for a change.  She sighed in exasperation at the direction of her thoughts.  “I think I’m just tired” she admitted.  “Maybe one more fight and then I’m about done for the night.  Next week will go smoother.” She hoped so anyway.

She enjoyed these silly role playing games but sometimes the group’s drama made it challenging to just relax and enjoy the game.  Whenever the drama bled into the game she was always frustrated.  It seemed like it was happening more often too, which really didn’t improve her desire to keep playing.



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