Moving Day

YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY! Boyfriend moved to BigCity today!!!!!!  We have an apartment together!  It’s big and beautiful and I love it and I’m super excited!  Things are definitely getting better!

(Author’s Note:  While it was super exciting that we finally lived together reality is always shaped by perspective.  The above entry was written while on the triumphant high of being back together in a new place.  The other side of reality was that our wonderful apartment was in a terrible area of town which is why we could afford “such a nice place.”  We discovered the next day that sometime before we moved into the apartment someone had kicked in the front door and it had not been repaired properly.  The only thing between the door being open and closed and locked was the tiny bit of wood where the bolt goes into the frame.  The frame itself had a hole from where it had been kicked in.  I never truly felt safe after that first blissful night in our new place despite the three door locks we purchased and installed.  And for the record, no the office wouldn’t fix it because we had signed a lease and were now stuck.  The Bright-Side:  This apartment is where Boyfriend proposed and became Fiance! More on that later! ❤ )


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