No. More. Excuses.

My frustrations appear to have moved past the realm of sadness and into the sphere of raging.  Life is not going according to plan, expectation or desire.  There is much I want that is not being met and doesn’t appear in the future if I project down my current path.  I need to make some serious changes and get down to business.  I don’t want to miss an opportunity because I was settling or not paying attention.  “Opportunities are available to you.  See them out.”  That’s what my fortune cookie said yesterday.  I need to get my shit together and move forward.  I’ve stagnated.  It’s not pretty, healthy, or fun.  I can’t let whatever it is (I’m not really sure at this point) hold me back anymore.  No More. Excuses!

To Do List:

Do my resume.

Post my resume online.

Begin job search.

Begin apartment search.

I will start there with those things and see where I go.  I wish the worry goblins dancing on my shoulders would leave me alone!



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