Ramen Cooked in a Coffee Pot

Wow!  I haven’t written much about work since the 5th in here!  Things have improved a bit at work.  I was finally trained on Cycle Counts.  A whole day was spent on two lists and me resolving each item to the best of my ability.  I got a crazy headache as a result but at least it was pretty interesting!  I found the scavenger hunt part of the job! FINALLY!!!!!  Blargh!  I’m SO TIRED!  Tonight I went and saw that Twilight sequel movie New Moon with CY (my new friend, the one who first said hi to me and that invited me to hang out with her and her friends at Starbucks that morning)!  It was way more fun then I’d expected – I actually liked the movie a bit!  Hawt native boys with muscles… yum! LoL  Things with Boyfriend are great but he’s so far away… he’s so far away apparently I think things like “hawt boys with muscles… yum!”  God save me! LoL

Money issues totally suck.  The car is fixed = expensive. Car roulette is an awful game.  The check engine light comes on and you take the car to a mechanic and the car roulette wheel spins and you hold your breath waiting to hear about how much this repair is going to cost.  I hate car roulette!

I had lunch today with some of my old scholarship peeps and it was super fun!  They accused me of “being a grownup!  Like a real adult.”  Wow.  It’s very thought provoking… I’ve clung to childhood for so long and I’m nervous about moving on and leaving childhood behind…very ungrounded right now.  Books aren’t even helping me process what’s all going on in my head.  Like from Garden State, “I’m in it.”  I’m living in reality…


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