So for this past weekend I concocted an elaborate plan to see both my parents and Boyfriend!  It was too complicated and not realistic.  Instead I used my dad’s plan- I went to HomeTown on Friday night (Vveerrryyy long drive: 31/2 hours after a full shift long.  I kept almost falling asleep during the last 45 minutes) and stayed until Monday morning.  On Monday I drove to CollegeTown and spend the day with Boyfriend! (and got an allergy shot).  Monday night I came back to Roommate’s house in BigCity and went back to work Tuesday (yesterday.)

HomeTown was fun!  On Halloween I hung out with my parents then we drove downtown to see all the costumes.  We had 3 trick or treaters!  Boyfriend only had 2.  I bought my dad Borderlands for X Box 360 but he didn’t like it…. That sucks because it was then a waste of money and a waste of a birthday present.  I hate getting presents for people that they don’t love. The Babies (dogs) were great!  Dad gave them a haircut so they looked ridiculous but were so soft!  Poor OldDog… he’s getting so old.  The cold makes him limp and he sleeps a lot.  He plays a lot too though and jumped onto my and my parents beds even though they’re really tall and he’s only a lil dog.  YoungDog was a spastic as ever but also rather sweet!  My mom was also good.  Once again she got me really excited about two books she got at the library that are not yet available to normal people!  She always gets the best books and I’m so lucky she shares them with me!  It was a great trip!  I cried a lot when it was time to go.

With Boyfriend in CollegeTown I also had a ton of fun!  We went to the bookstore and fed the ducks and had delicious lunch.  Then we went “home” and finished playing Final Fantasy X-2!  WOW!  The game was powerful and had a great ending and was such a great game!  We got the good ending too!!!!  I liked it better then the perfect ending (which we looked up online after so I could see what it was).  Boyfriend has played all the Final Fantasy games before but I haven’t so he introduced me to Final Fantasy X and X-2.  I totally loved them!  I cried even more when it was time to go.  The major flaw with my weekend plans was having to leave and say goodbye to everyone.

Tuesday I worked- it was alright.  I was entirely on my own and was doing the main area of the warehouse by myself.  J continued to get training on computer things (like last week).  It’s another example of how unfair things are.  I’m so over it.  Last night the big contract went live!  That meant that we had to call in to work this morning to see what time we had to go in.  The message wasn’t there before I had to leave the house for my long commute.  I just went to Starbucks.  I of course had my book with me.  While I was in line a coworker recognized me and invited me to join her and her friends!  YAY!  (I don’t think she remembered but she was the same girl who said hi to me, the first person to initiate nice contact to me at work!)  I ended up having coffee with CY, DE, CA, GC, and CL for two hours!  It was awesome!!! I got to learn about all kinds of work gossip.

Most interesting was the animosity/hostility towards my supervisor!  Two girls were even talking about physically fighting her!  (That freaked me out because I don’t deal well with violence but I assume they were joking so I’m not worried or anything.)  I don’t know what all went down to cause all this, but it is interesting nonetheless.  Perhaps the nuggets of bitchiness I’ve seen are seen by other people as well?  I don’t know and am not too worried.  I will find out for myself and decide my opinions about people for myself.  At work, it was a strangely paced day – it was a steady stream of orders but I was actually able to make and keep up with progress!  Woo!  Oh yeah!  At Starbucks the girls also invited me out Friday night after work to a little Mexican cantina bar.  I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED!  Yay work friends!  I’m not a big drinker and I have a long drive home but I’ll feed the animals half their food before I leave in the morning to tide them over and the rest when I get home late and I will just have one drink or a soda and not worry about it.  SOCIAL INTERACTION! YEAH!  I knew it would happen if I just kept smiling!

I can do my job but I’m definitely afraid that this is it.  Once again, J received training on computer stuff while I was stuck stocking shelves.  He doesn’t even want to be doing/learning it at all.  He literally makes faces and rolls his eyes while they’re training him and has told me he doesn’t like the sitting down/computer work.  He says he’d rather run around the warehouse floor then sit at the desk.  That should be perfect because I’d love to learn the computer stuff!  I’m frustrated because my boss said this week I would learn two new areas.  My week is half over and there has been NO training.  I feel like I’m whining but this reality is not what I was told the job was in my interview.  During the interview they made the job sound interesting.  It’s not. They made it sound challenging.  It’s only challenging in so much as having to work around the incompetencies of stupid people.  It’s not interesting and it’s not something I want to do.  My year has barely started and I’m already waiting for a transfer opportunity.  I need to get my Technician certificate.  It shouldn’t be too hard but it does cost $130.  I’d like to work more with computers.  I don’t want to work with the handheld PDA.  The stupid red laser scanner light hurts my eyes after only a couple of hours.  I’m afraid the reflections may be damaging my beautiful eyes and perfect vision!  I’m hoping this is a groundless, needless worry but I don’t know.  It’s not like there is any real recourse anyway even if I was going blind.  These big companies are terrifying like that.

Things with Boyfriend are fantastic!  Well, as fantastic as they can be while we still live in two separate cities.  I can’t wait until he moves up here!  I miss him terribly.  We have such fun together!  Even if we’re on the phone or texting we still just have tons of fun…  I’m off to sleep now!  Goodnight and sweet dreams of faeries dancing in the moonlight.


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