Another Interesting Day

Today was an interesting day.  Work was good/alright.  My enthusiasm has drained away the later it gets and is replaced with tiredness.  I’m just tired.  And I’m tired of all the drama in CollegeTown with “friends.”

I want to see Boyfriend this weekend, but not really anyone else.  I also don’t want to stay in the apartment that no longer feels like home.  Boyfriend called last night at 10 ( I was already asleep but it woke me up).  It was great to hear from him!  He also called me a little while ago.  He even sent me a text today!  I suppose he IS trying… I guess I just want some more romance.  Really I just want him here, with me, and  in our own space again and away from all the drama…

After my one-on-one with my supervisor today I’m once again wary that I’ve been duped and the job is not what was presented in my interview.  (Author’s Note:  It wasn’t.  I WAS duped!) It appears that what I’m doing daily is IT for my current job.  This is not just some test or me just being in training still.  This really is it.  If I want to learn other skills, I can, so that if/when I apply for a promotion I’ll be a more likely candidate.  Then I continue the practice of doing work I’m not paid to know/do.  I think the about is the gist of the situation.  My daily normal duties are essentially bin stocking.  That’s all.  If I want more and my bins are stocked then I am allowed to train in another area, like some computer task my supervisor grudgingly allows me to see.  I really think I might have been duped.  If so, and it is still unclear if that’s true, I am not amused.  I’m not gonna lie (at least not here to myself in secret), this job pretty much sucks.  It’s not all that interesting; it’s not a challenge; there’s not much variety; there’s no stimulation; and my coworkers are a wide range of mostly dull people.  It’s not all that physically challenging, just annoying: two main challenges: compensation for being short as the main challenge and not being able to breathe because I’m allergic to all the dust and the pollen that billows in the warehouse from the semi docks.  I keep getting bloddy noses and have started to wear a mask during the day to try and prevent them.  Two of my coworkers are readers, but there’s not really time to talk with them.  I’m still optimistic, I think I will be working towards a transfer as soon as possible though.  I wish it was a gtood as I’ve been hoping it would be.  I hope it will get better.

I want a Totoro hat!  I saw one in today’s Questionable Content!

The weather has turned cold!  Sleeping with wet hair last night was – frankly – STUPID!  I’m considering switching beds because Roommate still keeps offering to let me stay in her bed.  I’m currently stubbornly sticking it out.

I quite secretly think she may have hidden cameras around her house.  It seriously creeps me out but would be fitting with the way she is.  The most disturbing part is as crazy as the idea of her having hidden cameras is, I genuinely can’t rule out the possibility because it is less crazy then other things she does… Sometimes I walk into a room and yell at her while looking at various objects that seem like they could hide a camera.  Living here is making me feel insane.  The ugly prison wall green she painted the living room is seriously not helping either.  I haven’t told anyone else these things because it makes me feel crazy and I’m terrified of going crazy.

I did have to turn off my faerie music (squeaky fans) as a concession to the chilly weather.  Who knows what I’ll do this weekend.  My mom was so sad when she called.  Boyfriend was also sad.  I miss my family.  It’s too hard trying to live in three cities at once.  I feel like I’m stretching thinner and thinner and I’m not sure how far I can stretch before I break…


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