Reality is Fluid

Today was a more realistic day.  I learned that the job is not perfect.  Duh.  That’s okay, because nothing is perfect, especially nothing that’s worth anything.   Bright-side: I scored some sweet loot today!  Complete with the following logos I scored: a backpack, a flashlight (with extra battery), a box cutter (that’s yellow!), chap-stick, a lanyard key chain, a pen, a market (thick black sharpie!), and a small notebook (red; the best color!).  It made today bearable.  CoWorker confirmed that I wasn’t tricked into a lesser position then I interviewed for.  The tough morning I had brought that doubt to the surface of my mind and I couldn’t shake it.  CoWorker noticed and I was desperate for information, so I chanced talking to him.

(Author’s Note:  Turns out, THEY DID LIE to me during the interview!  They made the job seem like this interesting scavenger hunt like, computer intensive, INTERESTING opportunity.  Instead the job was mainly bin stocking, with occasional computer work.  I hate how naive I was.  I stayed with that job for almost two years waiting for another opportunity to open but because I worked in the warehouse I was never truly considered for another position because HR couldn’t reconcile English degree with warehouse worker.  Also, my boss was one of those jealous-female-types that is so cliche and disappointing to a woman entering the workplace (more on that later though).  By the end of my time with this company I did get to use my degree in this position.  I wrote all the process guidelines, training materials, and other documents for my department. 

This job really taught me a new perspective because until this period of my life, I had mostly been surrounded by people with aspirations of college or college degrees.  This warehouse job was the first time I had been around people who didn’t value education and who, for the most part, cared more about sports then they did about current events.  That is certainly not true of everyone I worked with there but it was a large part of my frustrations with my coworkers.  I saw so many people with so much potential and they were content to just stay where they were and it was mind boggling!  It was also mind boggling to come face to face with the indifference of the corporate world and to learn how little one little Inventory worker’s opinion mattered.  I was a recent graduate, all shiny eyed and full of optimisim, and I had a plan.  I hardly knew what to make of this new world outside of the college bubble I’d been living in for four years.)

Today was BORING! B.O.R.I.N.G.:

B- Banging my head against the wall to stay awake

O- Oh. My. God. Is this really what this job is going to be?

R- Really?  Did you just tell me bin stocking is interesting. REALLY? YOU’RE SERIOUS?!?!?

I- I almost literally can’t believe I moved cities, two hours from my beautiful apartment and wonderful boyfriend into a small garage with a goat who has the bigger garage for this opportunity.

N- Numb.  This job is mind numbing.  Is it soul crushing too?

G-  Going crazy.  How have people had this job for YEARS?

I actually helped someone (whose worked here longer then me!) find something today!  I am proud to be working and it feels good to have accomplished so much today despite my hurting feet.  I’ve been stretching before and after work to try and help ease my sore muscles.  I hope the stretching helps more in the days to come.  I hope the job gets more interesting once I’m out of training.  I hope I’m overreacting and it won’t really be this bad.  People don’t just lie in interviews to potential employees…

The journey continues… let’s find/see where it leads!


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