On the Road to Happily Ever After

Boyfriend just got off work.  With an enveloping hug, I remember that the “happily ever after” is worth it.  As Charles DeLint says, “you have to earn your happily ever after.”  I’m certainly going through the woods and the adventures and struggles part of the plot lately and have been all my life, but I thought the ending/beginning of the new chapter was in sight.  It appears I have been gravely mistaken and the author of my life has written that I have more struggle ahead. Cliché as it is, when it rains, it pours.  In my case the economy has been shatting upon my sunshine for months.  All is dark.  (These last two sentences are actual direct quotes I have used in conversation in the last few days. LoL Dramatic much?)

Despite everything, I think things will work out for the best.  Boyfriend and me are seriously considering moving to the capital.  It feels strangely right.  I am surprised considering that I’ve always hated the capital and never once entertained, seriously, the idea of living there or even staying for any length of time.  Now, out of the blue it occurs to me that not only is there much more opportunity there, but we both have many resources at our disposal in this city.  It will be new for both of us but inside I feel a sense of calm when I think of pursuing this option.  This calm feeling is not present when considering any other cities.  My biggest concern about the move in January is that Boyfriend will not want to go… Thinking this way treads dark paths and I want to focus on the light.  I can see the “happily ever after” in the distance.  It is waiting, watching us, and will come when we have earned it.

With more joy then I had expected I eagerly dive back into the loving embrace of the Discworld.


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