Italia Day Two (Written While Drunk)

I can’t believe I’m drunk on the second night here!  I had so much fun today!  I woke up late because my alarm didn’t go off, so I awoke to the sound of the church bells from across the street at 10:57am.  I woke up earlier but went back to sleep.  I got ready then two of my roommates and I all went to the Pentecost Ceremony.  This dove was in this pretty cage and pushed down this wire with 1,000 explosions in the square then the bird was given to the most recent bride.  It was really cool and there we met the rest of the Orvieto kids.  I saw Red and Jay.  Jay’s flight was delayed 2 hours yesterday so that’s why we didn’t see him at the airport.  Red and I swapped phone numbers and it’s really cool because they’re roomies!  I’m glad they’re roomies because they’re both really cool.  After the ceremony we all split up.  There were about 10 people in our group and we went to a cheap Pizzeria.  Jay and one of his other roomies sat next to me and I was at the end of the table.  We all got spaghetti and water.  It was $8 a piece.  The bill was interesting because there was no tax.  What the menu said was how much it was so it was super easy to split the bill when it came and we didn’t have to worry about it before hand.  I’d been worried about that but one of the girls explained it and was right so that’s a good tip to know.  Afterwards we decided to go Flat Viewing.  That’s what we called going to see each other’s sweet Italian apartments. LoL We went to everyone’s place.  I really think we lucked out in our flat because there are only four of us girls and we’re in the downtown area and our flat feels very “European” according to one of the girls.  Some of the other places were tiny or overcrowded.  Three of the five places we went to visit had AMAZING views!  I took 148 pictures before we started drinking.  There are lots of cats here.  At 11:30 in the morning we had to meet for the ceremony.  At 5:30 we decided we wanted dinner and wine.  Jay, V, and I went to my place to get the pasta and sauce I’d gotten yesterday.  My pasta and Red’s fed 14 people!  We’d acquired some more throughout the day.  After dinner we played a drinking game called King’s Cup and had SO much fun!  It was funny how drunk people got and how quickly and also how much wine we all had!  There were bottles and bottles and bottles lined up in their kitchen that were just empty.  Everyone kept saying how they drink X amount of whatever kind of hard liquor so wine will be no problem and they’ll need to drink at least four bottles by themselves before they feel it.  FYI, WRONG! LoL no.  I know I’m a lightweight so I had nothing to prove and was fine but some of the other people were smashed.  I’m worried Red might cheat on his girlfriend.  I’m glad I have Boyfriend and don’t have to worry about stuff like that!  I would never cheat on him and love him so much I would never think to!  I think he is the one!!!  YAY ITALIA!


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